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New ways of working

“May you live in interesting times” that’s how the saying goes, but I’m sure that those who lived through interesting times wished that they were perhaps a little less interesting, however here we all are and while everyone has to travel this course we should seek to find whatever upside there is. A lot of people are now having to adjust to working from home and while novel at first, everyone will find this challenging, however new technology and new systems have truly come on leaps and bounds in recent years, cloud based servers and applications together with better and better computers mean that you genuinely untether your business from the rigidity of the office.


This is not an argument for or against office working, genuine face to face collaboration is the best way to work, offices create a mindset of work and regular time keeping creates the rhythm of work, so the challenge is to replicate those patterns in different environments. We at Alkamee have gradually evolved how we work as technology evolved and enabled us, we have created advertising ideas on the go in Italy, we have sent presentations while walking the Wicklow Way, the challenge up to now has not been how do you work ? but when do you stop.

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Adapt and Thrive

Men who found themselves prisoners of the Japanese during World War 2, were to endure a truly cruel fate, they began to develop a sixth sense for those who would survive the experience and those who would not. They observed that those who would not live through it were universally those who hankered for the past, who yearned for yesterday, while those who survived were those who accepted that this was their life now, that this was the new real, they didn’t fight it, defiance would not survive the long years ahead, they accepted it, adapted to it and those men lived to tell the tale.


Adaptability is key, don’t approach things as a temporary inconvenience, stress or worry, but build this as your new normal, you are not working from home, you are working! When Monet was painting he wasn’t working from the garden, he was painting. If you find family life intruding ask yourself do you need to work 9-5, can you adapt the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright started work at 4am, he did so because from 9 o clock onwards he could do no work with people wanting to talk to him, he built a new normal so that he could work and you can too.


We are fortunate that we can connect with each other in ways our forebears could not, we have access to a plethora of great tools, we can help each other and ask for help in a multitude of ways so embrace your new normal, learn new ways, shape your life, stay positive and adapt.


Here are some of the tools we use: Dropbox, Basecamp, Adobe Creative Suite, Skype, Zoom, VOIP Phones, G Suite, Mailchimp and Xero.


Need help or have questions please feel free to email us.